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Do you wish to deeply improve your buy process?

Remark: The screenshots below show sensitive data and have therefore been anonymized.

If you are one of the thousands of companies that buy merchandise, and still process this data manually, you know it for sure, it generates many errors, wasting time, money and loss of productivity!

It is in order to make your life easier that we have developed our application allowing you to limit as much as possible the amount of operations for your purchases, by synchronizing as much data as possible.

So, if you have a magento platform, your purchase of items can be done in 2-3 clicks! Our solution will allow you to encode the SKU and obtain the other data in "auto-complete" fields.  All you have to do is confirm the quantity you want, and send your order automatically to your previously encoded supplier.  You can define a transport type (sea or air) as well as a default production time (e. g. 40 days).  At the end of this period, if your supplier has not confirmed the shipment, a reminder is automatically sent to him.  These are only stopped when you confirm the sending date or that the goods are ready to be shipped.

Upon receipt, you validate your order line and everything else is automatic. Your stock is updated, as are all other dependent fields (availability, date of availability, in stock yes/no, number ordered, etc.). And your products are finally activated on your sales channels.


In addition, we can install an extension to this module, allowing you to manage your warehouse.  You create your virtual warehouse by configuring your aisles, racks, floors and finally pallet spaces. You charge your goods to it and every morning you get a logical/sorted list of goods to be taken for shipment.  The extension obviously allows all manipulations such as emptying the location once the goods have been removed, or changing reference, and so on.


You don't want to waste any more time? Drastically improve efficiency and manage your purchases in a few minutes? Contact us for more information!

Contactez-nous !

Contactez-nous !