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So where to start from.... Maybe introduce me?
My name is Bruno and my studies are diverse and varied.  I started in programming at inpres Seraing.
Finally I graduated in foreign trade from Hemes School in Liège.... And between botrh of them I worked in IT (network and hardware).

During my second year of study, a lot of practical work had to be done and I thought to myself, "As long as I have to do this, it might be interesting if it make sense and iif it was for real". And that's how I started selling online.
It was therefore in 2005 that the "bc-elec" website was created and my apprenticeship began.  Initially oriented to car accessories, I quickly changed for tools and DIY.

To make a long story short, from a few cartons a month we went to several containers a week, and as sales increased, I was faced with all the possible and unimaginable worries and problems.
If today I can offer you my services, it is because I know your problems, and I know how to solve them!

Passionate about computers, programming, solving your problems is my passion (if I dare say so). My training makes me the perfect manager of YOUR projects.

Whether you want to develop an online sales website, optimize it, automate it, update it, synchronize it, or even find goods in Asia, import and resell them, I will be your privileged partner.

Contactez-nous !

Contactez-nous !