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"China Stuffs": Disguised fees on imports

This morning I thought I was going to write a little News.... Over what? Who? I had no idea.
Then I wanted to write something interesting (it's better) and informative (so you read it until the end...) and so I had the idea to give you a brief summary of the hidden costs of Chinese import by freight forwarder.

Buying in China is cheap (as long as you have the knowledge, volume and money) but getting screwed is easy!

Thus, for years, our Chinese friends have been taking advantage of naive foreigners (you, you, you, and him there in the background!).  They offer you a very attractive price in CIF or CFR incoterm that you can hardly refuse.  And as the goods are delivered to your local harbour, there is little risk, is there? 


Once the goods arrives, the magic circus begins. The freight forwarder you didn't choose, who had very low rates for the container transport, has very high rates for all other costs!
Worse, where a serious freight forwarder has fixed or variable costs X and Y, the damn chinese freight forwarder (our friend the Chinese), creates fees (for example the Chinese Import Service Fee) and tariffs himself.
And that's how the trap closes on you. To get your goods, you must pay all actual charges, requested, created by the very nice transit agent. You thought you were saving 500€ and in fact you lost 3000€.

Is your supplier guilty? Not always. Quite often he is happy to supply your goods to the cheapest freight forwarder, who is then cheating you as you have seen.

The adage is often repeated, buying cheap (I should rather say "too cheap") is buying twice.  Why don't you trust us instead of risking all this?

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