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Administrative, Administrative.... How can he help us?

Well, probably more than you think! During my professional years I was able to see how many companies or self-employed people were working in a totally disorganized way, without any planning, without any method if not "putting everything on a pile".  And if your workload increases, the consequence is simple and classic, you can't get away with it!  Your customers complain, your work is sloppy and your reputation suffers.

If you recognize yourself in this profile, contact us and after studying your way of working, we will advise you, optimize and automate (which can be done).

Sometimes the difference between a poorly organized company and a reliable company can only be made in a few hours of optimization!

Simple example: In Company X, employees made many shipments per day.  The software generated an invoice that had to be opened and printed. Nothing very bad in itself but the operation still took 12 seconds per parcel.
At the rate of 200 daily shipments, this makes us lose 173 hours of work all year round.  After installing a specific automatic printing software, our customer saved nearly 5000€ a year!
The proverb that small streams make large rivers makes sense.

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