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Manomano API sync.

The Manomano platform is growing fast, and with their targeted ads in magazines or on various French television channels, more and more people are familiar with it.
The number of sellers is also increasing but....  Many sellers do not offer services that meet customers demand.

The first thing to do is to be fast.  And for that, automatization is the key.  Indeed, let's imagine that you manage your stocks manually. Every day you will lose hours (depending on the size of your catalogue) and the minute you finish your modifications, your catalogue will no longer be up to date!

Well, we can help you.... How? By installing and configuring an automatic inventory update system.  Currently manomano accepts an update every 3 hours, this will already allow you to limit your stock errors drastically.

The second thing to do is to create your products automatically. Well, our system will also allow it! What an incredible time saving.... And never forget, if it takes you 1 month to put your product on sale, it's 1 month you didn't sell it!  You will never recover that lost turnover.

Finally, orders must also be managed automatically.  Import orders, export their completed status and finally the tracking of the package!

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